Switch off to switch on…

BT ISDN Switch off

We’ve already covered ISDN’s impending retirement, but if our blog left you feeling adrift as to what your next steps should be, never fear, our quick guide is here to help.

First, take stock of when your ISDN contract is actually due for renewal.

That should help frame yourtechnical, commercial and operational decision-making.

Whatever you do, avoid the temptation to renew.

2025 may sound far into the future, however the longer you have to migrate to the cloud, the smoother the transition will be.

Don’t be caught off guard and rush the process. After all, there are countless cloud services to choose from (one of the many reasons why we founded Marketlinx) so leave ample time to assess the options, build an effective project plan and manage the migration carefully.

Don’t forget to build any future requirements into the scope too – that saves substantial time, effort and money further down the line.

Talk to your users.What features do employees actually want and need from their telephony to do their jobs?

ISDN’s end-of-life is the ideal opportunity to align a core business communications service to end-user expectations, however sometimes IT is prone to operating in silos and doesn’t select the most appropriate solution. Canvas as much feedback as you can before you invest.

Finally, don’t overlook connectivity. Network reliability is crucial for a seamless cloud service and it’s important to assess network capacity and performance before putting that hard-earned budget into a new cloud service.   

And, if after all this advice you’re still unsure what your best route to the cloud should be, share the above information with us and we will get to work.