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Have we reached peak cloud?


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Marketlinx is disrupting the IT sourcing market by helping organisations source business technology services more efficiently, optimising cost and significantly improving the process of business technology vendor selection.


Adoption varies depending on who you ask.

451 Research’s prediction several years ago is still one of the most popular stats banded about – back then its analysts predicted that 90% of organisations would be using a cloud service by this year.

The jury’s still out, however from our experience this appears to be true. Show me a company without any cloud in their IT estate and I’ll buy you dinner…

So, if every business is using the cloud in some capacity and its benefits are proven commercially and operationally, why are we still talking about whether cloud is right for a business?

Has the cloud also become… dare we say it… boring?

Isn’t it simply another mundane way for businesses to deliver the outcomes needed to drive growth, outperform competitors, raise productivity and simplify operations?

Marketers have moved onto trendier terms (hello, AI!) and cloud is just a type of technology after all.

Should we ban “digital transformation,” “digital business” or “data-driven” while we’re at it as well? We don’t refer to “non-digital businesses” so why the reverse?

Well, the real reason cloud is still on the CIO agenda is because the more solutions you add to the mix, the more difficult it can be to get right. Scaling cloud is tough and the challenge intensifies with every new service you add.

We’re acutely aware of this. Simply selecting a cloud solution creates a massive headache for most companies and the people in charge of the procurement process, especially for companies that invested in cloud early on.

Nowadays you have to evaluate how X service plays with Y solution. And let’s not forget integration with solutions A, B and C. It’s a minefield.

Unfortunately, nothing in IT is easy anymore, which is why we exist as a business.

We unlock higher operating profitsfor our clients by identifying the right cloud solution for you, negotiating the most appropriate contract and relieving you of the burden of trawling through supplier after supplier in the hope that one ticks all of your boxes.

170. That’s how many suppliers we work through to source the best cloud option for your business, people, culture and budget.

It’s tough work but it’s why, even in the era of peak cloud, companies large and small turn to us to navigate the market with confidence and deliver the solutions they need for long-term business success.

Book a discovery call with us here if you want to hear how we can help.

Gareth Richardson

Gareth Richardson

Gareth is a strategic business leader with over 20 years of experience in designing and delivering IT, network communications and connectivity solutions to leading companies across many sectors. With a wide expertise in selling and integrating complex IT & C systems, Gareth has an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of aligning business needs with the right technology in order to deliver high priority business outcomes. With Marketlinx, Gareth is disrupting the IT sourcing market and helping organisations source business technology services more efficiently, optimising cost and significantly improving customer experiences.

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