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In this article, we will discuss points you should consider when selecting a new telecoms service provider. Certain aspects that you should think about before choosing a telecoms solutions provider.
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Effective communications strategies

Effective communication strategies lie at the core of any successful businesses, and telecommunications play a considerable role in this.

The task of selecting a new telecoms supplier can be a daunting one. Especially with so many suppliers offering VoIP, Hosted PBX, voice and telecoms services as well as many other communications solutions. 

No doubt every supplier makes its best efforts to create a place and retain their customers. However, every business has its own needs, and you must align the capabilities of your telecoms solutions provider to the needs of your business.

In this article, we will discuss points you should consider when selecting a new telecoms service provider. Certain aspects that you should think about before choosing a telecoms solutions provider.

Network Security and reliability: 

Ensuring you have the right network and security services in place is of the utmost importance when selecting a telecom provider. You should understand the details and capabilities of the underlying data network that the communications data traverses. It should be a fully converged network with a consolidated infrastructure based on IP, Ethernet and optical technologies. 

Network convergence 

Network convergence is the coexistence of video, voice and data communication over the single system. Security of a converged network is a significant concern. So it is essential you verify your network is secure enough, has added protection and prevents denial of service attacks.

You must check that the telecom provider is reliable and able to help you expand your business. Even a small outage or glitch in the telephone or internet connection can have a significant impact on your business with losses in the hundreds, thousands or even more. 

Ensuring you are protected is crucial, your provider should have the capability to restore the service fast without or with minimal impact to your business operations.

Service Offerings and Support: 

Align the services to the needs of your business. Do they offer a range of products including cloud, voice, collaboration, data, and internet and managed services? 

The provider should assist with the selection of a cost-effective product and service, assisting you in aligning the capabilities of your chosen telecoms provider to the requirements of your business.

Ensure that your telecoms provider can deliver excellent customer service and support. On occasion, even the right product does fail because of inadequate customer support and service. Your supplier should be able to help when you need assistance. 

Request customer references

Talk with other clients of the telecoms provider, enquire about their customer service. Find out if they are proving a quick fix for issues, are they patient enough to understand your problem and deal with your challenges with ease. A provider with excellent customer service that can resolve and manage challenges with ease, treat you with respect and communication effectively should be valued when considering a new telecoms supplier.

Costs and profitability: 

Lower price does not mean worse services. 

For instance, some providers pay a discounted wholesale rate, pass the savings on to the end customer.

When selecting a telecoms provider, you should check if the providers are offering competitive, negotiated quotes as per your business needs. Think of long term profitability while considering the telecoms provider. Your telecoms supplier should help you protect your existing customer base, and create new revenue streams and help you expand into new markets.

Technology and Scalability: 

It is essential to check the technology offered by your service provider. Your chosen provider should ensure that systems offered are updated continuously, with seamless roll-outs of new features and updates. The latest cloud solutions should always remain current and efficient, enabling them to handle any operation or peak load, with no performance issues.

You need to ensure that the provider is offering a service that is flexible and scalable enough to handle the future growth of your business. Check that the telecom provider is using cutting edge technology. 


All businesses are different

All business are different and have different business needs. Telecom provider should offer the right amount of personalisation and options in their product and service as per your business needs. You should be able to select a service that you require, which does not burden you with unnecessary features.

You need to ensure that telecom provider is helping you to customise a precise system for your business.

Considering the above points should help you decide the right telecom provider. Be it a small business or a large enterprise. It would be best if you had a telecom provider that offers a highly reliable, customisable, scalable product offering, excellent customer support and a cost-effective solution as per your business needs. 

Gareth Richardson

Gareth Richardson

Gareth is a strategic business leader with over 20 years of experience in designing and delivering IT, network communications and connectivity solutions to leading companies across many sectors. With a wide expertise in selling and integrating complex IT & C systems, Gareth has an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of aligning business needs with the right technology in order to deliver high priority business outcomes. With Marketlinx, Gareth is disrupting the IT sourcing market and helping organisations source business technology services more efficiently, optimising cost and significantly improving customer experiences.

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